Thursday, December 25, 2008

Me and My Brother: Photos Through the Years

I love all this computer and digital technology that allows us to take pictures and put them on the internet the same day. Last night I joined my daughter Becky and my grandson Matt and their families at my daughter's house to celebrate Christmas Eve. Some of her husband's kids and their families were there too. My daughter took quite a few pictures and this is one she took of me.

A couple of months ago I joined Facebook and learned that my brother's granddaughter Mollye Margheim was also a member of Facebook. Mollye is named after our mother Mollie Margheim. Today Mollye visited my brother, who is her Grandpa, and she took this picture of Leonard Margheim.

I thought it'd be fun to post a few pictures of us through the years. In the photo below I'm at the far right end and Leonard is the baby on the left. Beside him is his twin sister Laverna. And at the far left is our brother Alfred who passed away in 1933.

Pictured here are Leonard and Laverna with me in about 1940. I was singing on the radio as "The Sunflower Wrangler".

In this family photo we are joined by our parents John and Mollie Margheim in the back yard at our home in Hoisington, Kansas.


Patti Milburn said...

Ernie, I really enjoy reading your stories and looking at your pictures. You have so much to share. Please keep writing your memories for us to enjoy.

Janet Iles said...

Thanks for sharing the photos of you and your brother through the years.

I have nominated you for the Proximidade Award