Sunday, December 7, 2008

Memories From 1927

My dad, John Margheim, was born March 15, 1900. Seven years earlier on December 12, 1892 his older brother Jacob Alexander "Alex" Margheim was born. In the photo at left my dad is the youngest boy and Alex is above his left shoulder. They're pictured with their oldest brother Fred, born in 1886.

On January 2, 1927 my Uncle Alex wrecked his Pierce-Arrow automobile and was killed at age 34. He'd been married 10 years to Bertha Schneider and was the father of 5 children. Uncle Alex had a direct collision on a Sunday morning on his way to church. I was a child of 5 but I vividly remember going to Uncle Alex's funeral. Before the funeral his casket was in the living room of his farm house and his wrecked Pierce-Arrow was in the farm yard. I was quite impressed with the hood ornament. The Pierce Arrow make of car was in a class like the Cadillac is today.

Another recollection I have from 1927 was when my parents moved from living in the town of Hoisington, Kansas to a farm 3 miles west and 1/2 mile south of the town of Wakeeney, Kansas. Two years after we moved to Wakeeney, my mom gave birth to twins, my brother and sister Leonard and Laverna Margheim. They were born October 18, 1929. I remember that the doctor drove a Packard automobile from Ellis, Kansas in the night to deliver the twins. My mom's mother, Katie Koleber, was staying at our house to help my mom.

A week or so later the Lutheran minister from Trego Center, KS (which was 9 miles south of Wakeeney) came to our farm house on an urgent call to baptize Leonard and Laverna. Leonard was deathly sick from a fever and everyone thought he would not live through it. I'm glad to report he did recover.

Just 3 weeks later my Grandma, Katie Koleber, underwent a hysterectomy at the hospital in Hays, Kansas and died during the operation. I'm thankful that she lived long enough to see the twins born.

Incidentally, that Lutheran minister who came to baptize Leonard and Laverna was from Switzerland. His given name was also Leonard. Four years prior to that my dad's older sister had a son whom she named Leonard.

My mom told me that the name she had chosen for me was Alvin. I don't know what made her change it to Ernest. Actually in German it was "Ernst". But over the years I've just grown used to "Ernie".

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GrannyPam said...

Funny how this caught my eye. My Dad was born in 1927, the same year your uncle died.