Saturday, January 24, 2009

My First Recollection

As I ponder over my journey in life, I often reflect on my very first recollections. The most "shaken up" experience I remember was from the time when I was very small. I was sitting in the center of a very large red ant hill. This was at the farm yard of my Grandpa and Grandma Koleber (Mom's parents) at their Trego County, Kansas farmyard. I looked at my body covered with red ants. I was sitting there scantily dressed as it was summer, and I was screaming from the pain of the ant bites. That's it. I don't remember Mom picking me up. Yes it seems I remember a lot of commotion. The farm was about 1 mile south and 2 miles west of Trego Center, a small unincorporated town on highway 28l, nine miles south of the Trego County seat, WaKeeney, Kansas. I've been trying to determine the time frame of this. I was born August 8, 1921 in the city of WaKeeney, Kansas. My dad worked as a lineman for the telephone company but I'm still unable to determine how old I was when this happened. But I'll never forget the sight of those red ants and my screaming.


GrannyPam said...

Goodness. My only encounter with biting ants was during a drive from Port Bolivar, TX to Cadillac, Michigan in 1980. I had my three girls, ages 9, 7 and almost 5 in the car. We had visited my mother and family in Bolivar and Galveston.

Somewhere on I-55 in Mississippi, during a pouring rain, the youngest got sick to her stomach. I pulled over, opened the trunk, got out pj's and a blanket and stood at the passenger side door and cleaned her up and dressed her in the clean clothing. I was standing in a hill of fire ants!

I was soaked, in jeans, with fire ants biting my legs from top to bottom.

I know why biting ants would be an indelible memorey.

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Janice Tracy said...

Ouch, those ant bites smart. No wonder you remember that incident! Enjoyed your post, Ernie.