Thursday, January 8, 2009

Two Favorite Photos: Weekly Prompt #1

These are two of my favorite pictures. My wife Ruby and I took each other's picture in a field of sunflowers while we were out for a drive south of Ellinwood, Kansas about 1942. We met when she came to a dance where I was playing the guitar in the band. The sunflower field is especially meaningful to me because I went by the name "The Sunflower Wrangler" when I sang on my radio show in 1940-1941 on KVGB, Great Bend, Kansas.


Lisa Jamison said...

Those are gorgeous pictures. You look so happy, and she's so beautiful. I love taking pictures!!


Greetings Ernie,
These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them.

DianaR said...

Wonderful pictures! And we women *always* fall for the good looking guy playing guitar :-)

Greta Koehl said...

What wonderful pictures! It's great to see how music is a theme in so many of your family pictures. Music was always a big part of my parents' families activities, too.