Saturday, February 21, 2009

Glad I'm Out of ICU!

Note: This is an update on Ernie's hospital experience written by his daughter Becky during his absence from the computer.
OoooooWeeeee! Ernie was cranky this afternoon when I arrived in his room. And who can blame him! The previous 24 hours were his first in an Intensive Care Unit and he didn't like it at all! I just hope I can stay out of an ICU until I'm 87 years old! He said the staff was in his room every hour, poking, measuring, taking readings, talking, and disturbing him! And he couldn't even reach for anything without pulling hundreds of tubes that were hooked to him from all sides. Tubes everywhere!! I asked him what he was reaching for!?????
I told him that's why they call it "Instensive Care Unit". They watch every little movement around the clock. By 2:00 this afternoon he was exhausted and cranky and ready to just be left alone back in his private room. He's so lucky to be in a private room!
Dad's mood changed when I got in his room and after two hours had passed and I was ready to come home, he was sleeping peacefully. While there I read him the many comments you dear friends have left on his Facebook wall, his blog, and on my personal "Gramma's House" blog as I've written about Dad. He calmed down, then relaxed, listened intently and started laughing. Besides all the prayers and good wishes you've offered, you've once again blessed him with your support, encouragement, and caring. It's a wonderful gift. He's just tickled.
I asked Ernie if there was anything he'd like me to write on his behalf and he said he wasn't feeling very creative today. But then he added that he was finally relaxing. I told him how many hundreds of prayers were offered up in his behalf yesterday and he said he prayed mighty hard before the surgery too! What a brave man. I think how hard it must be to be 87, widowed for 12 years, with most of your peers and fellow businessmen already gone, your family grown, and experiencing something like major surgery for the first time in your life. God has blessed Ernie with strong faith, obviously great courage (I think, anyway!) and a strong body. And HE's blessed us with Ernie!


Janet Iles said...

Thanks Becky for the update.

Ernie, we pray that you continue to improve each day. Glad to hear you are out of ICU

DianaR said...

So glad to hear about the progess being made in Ernie's recovery. Please tell him how much his presence is missed out here in blog-land!

Greta Koehl said...

Still praying for a complete and quick recovery, Ernie. Can't wait to be reading your blog again.

Cheryle Hoover Davis said...

Ernie, I know what you mean about being poked, prodded, awakened and all after recovery from surgery! You will be so much better, however, from all that attention, and you will be able to be home soon and feeling much better in your own bed!

I'm so happy you are progressing well and look forward to your blogging when you get home!

Thanks for the updates, Becky! You're an angel!

Janice Tracy said...

Thank you, Becky, for your update on Ernie's progress. It was good news to hear that he enjoyed having you tell him about all the prayers and get well wishes on his behalf. Please tell him that he is missed in the blogosphere, and that I can't wait to see his hospital stories in print!