Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thank you Wendy Littrell at All My Branches Genealogy

Note from Becky Jamison: During Ernie's hospitalization I'm tending to Dad's blog and on his behalf, I thank Wendy Littrell at All My Branches Genealogy for awardng Ernie this Kreativ Blogger Award! I spoke to him on the phone this evening and told him of the award. He chuckled. This is all new to him and he's delighted. Since Dad's a patient at Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado, he's not able to review the other bloggers to see who's received the award and see with whom he wants to share this award.
I wish I could hook up a laptop computer for Dad in the hospital. But he's currently lying flat--very flat--in his bed with his legs elevated above his head. In fact his sinuses are getting clogged because his head's been almost inverted since Monday! Poor man! He's getting excellent medical care and he's quite delighted about that. Besides all the attention he's receiving, he's pleased to witness good communication among the hospital staff, constant observation by several doctors and efficiency from his nurses and CNAs. In the last 2 days he's been examined by a cardiologist, orthopedic doctor, foot specialist and his own thoracic surgeon. I was going to visit him personally tonight but he called at noon and told me he'd be involved in a test (dye through the arteries) from 1-9 pm and not available to visit. As it turned out he was returned to his room at 4 pm to continue lying motionless until 9 pm. He is ordered to not even cough or clear his throat! And yet he's in good spirits, was chuckling and listening intently to all the messages I was passing on with good wishes, offers of prayer and concern he's been receiving from you--his blogging friends!
I'll visit him personally tomorrow evening and he'll undergo arterial bypass surgery sometime Friday on his right leg calf. We pray that God will keep him strong through the surgery and restore good blood flow to that leg, so he can KEEP his leg!
I'll post another update tomorrow night. Thank you all for your prayers, good wishes and kind words. They are truly making a difference for Ernie! His address is in the post below, if you'd like to send him a card. Or email me at He's widowed and my brother lives in El Paso, TX. Dad lives in Canon City but is hospitalized an hour away in downtown Pueblo, CO, so he doesn't get visitors except when I'm able to be there. He doesn't complain---he'll tell you he's just grateful to be alive.

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Greta Koehl said...

Thanks for keeping us posted, Becky. Tell Ernie we miss him and are thinking of him. To me, he's the Dean of the Genea-Bloggers!