Monday, March 30, 2009

I Moved Again and Not Home Yet

Note: Ernie's daughter is posting this update so Ernie's friends will know where he is now and how he's doing.

Ernie was transferred out of the Skilled Nursing Unit at Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, CO at noon today and brought to a nursing home in Canon City. His address now is:
Ernest Margheim
Canon Lodge Care Center
Room 105
905 Harding
Canon City, CO 81212

He's sharing the room with another gentleman, so will have company and someone to visit with. That can be good or bad. He's lived alone for 12 years and during all of his hospitalizations, he's had a private room. Lucky Ernie! He's hoping to only be a resident at Canon Lodge for 2 or 3 weeks. So please keep him in your prayers. Prayers are so powerful and have brought him through these last very difficult 6 weeks! He survived a risky surgery and beat the odds, the arterial bypass was successful (against all odds), his broken leg has healed and is out of the cast it was in for 7 months and his diabetic ulcers are healing--another miracle. He was told this morning that the huge wound (tennis ball size) on the inside of his right ankle is healing clear to the bone. We were so relieved to hear that.

But Dad is very weak, very tired and is weary tonight. Today was a hard day. This facility he's in now is quite a change from the Skilled Nursing Unit he's been in for a month. His meals were brought to his room, whereas now he's wheeled down to a dining room. He had a hospital bed, now has a small twin bed. He had privacy and now has a roommate. He has no TV and no phone. He asked me not to bring him a TV from his house (he will be able, however, to watch his roommate's TV), nor did he want his cell phone. He may change his mind in the next few days. We'll see how he feels when he gets into a routine and gets better acquainted with the staff. He has a lot of adjustments to make and that won't be easy.

He's so proud of his blog, tho. He has "business" cards available on his night stand and had already given one to his nurse this evening so she can read his blog. She asked how to set up a blog, so I briefly told her. She was thrilled and said she's going to do her own. Before we know it, he'll have the staff as his Facebook friends too.

If Dad gets strong enough and has the desire, I'll take my laptop to him so he can start writing again. So far, he just hasn't had the energy to concentrate that much. He's watched very little TV. The therapy wears him out so that he wants to rest whenever possible.

He loves hearing from his friends. I print out all comments here on his blog and on his Facebook page so he can know how much he's thought of by his friends and family. Thank you all for your love, prayers and good wishes.

Becky Jamison


GrannyPam said...

Another step forward, wonderful, Ernie. I'm so glad to hear you are improving. We'll keep the prayers coming, and you keep toughing it out.

JoLyn said...

So glad to hear about your progress, Ernie! We'll keep praying for you!

geneabloggers said...

Becky - I've been thinking of Ernie lately and I am glad things are moving forward.

Change is never fun and I hope the adjustments are quick!

Thomas MacEntee

Cheryl said...

I too have been thinking about Ernie! I am so happy you posted this. Ernie, you are doing so wonderful, keep up the good work!Praying you recoup real soon!

Janice Tracy said...

Ernie, I am so glad to hear that your move went well and that your wounds are improving. I can only imagine the stories you will be writing when you begin blogging again!


Greetings Ernie,
I'm glad to hear about your progress. I'll keep praying for you as you adjust to your new environment. Keep on healing!


Kate Keller said...

So glad to hear that you are progressing so well, Ernie. We'll keep the prayers coming. Think about you all the time and always look forward to reading your blog. Take care!

patledw said...

Hi Uncle Ernie, glad to hear that you are doing well enough to be transferred closer to home. It will be good that you can see Becky and all the grandchildren a little more frequently. Take care of yourself, don't let all of this get you down. You are indeed progressing, just not as quickly as you would like. Keeping you in our prayers, Pat

Anonymous said...

Hi, Ernie and Becky,
I'm Barb (Mason) Caudle, Diane and Bill's sister. I live in Pueblo and work for the Alzheimer's Association, and worked in care centers in CS many years ago. There are some very nice staff people at Canon Lodge. Katie Broughton is a wonderful lady, and is a volunteer for the Association.
You'll like her!!
Ernie, you started blogging before I did and I'm 52!! You are very hip, you know!
Have you ever heard the saying "aging is not for sissies"? So true, isn't it?
Best wishes, Barb