Monday, March 2, 2009

Physical Therapy Is Over-rated

Ernie has decided "physical therapy is over-rated". Ernie's daughter Becky Jamison is writing this post to update Ernie's readers and friends on his progress while in the hospital following (3) arterial bypasses on his leg. Ernie was taking pain pills last week following that surgery and he experienced a really uncomfortable week that included frightening dreams and hallucinations. He thought he was either losing his mind or was having a stroke. On Friday his orthopedic surgeon "installed" a 'wound vac' in his right leg to help accelerate healing of a serious diabetic ulcer. He experienced no side effects from that surgery and since he's been prescribed Tylenol instead of pain pills, he's making good progress and feeling much better. Tonight he looked better than he's looked in 3 weeks. He looked happy, healthy, stronger and relaxed. Well, almost.
At one point today Dad needed to get someone to his room to move the tray closer to his chair so he could reach his water, chewing gum, tissues etc. The call button "thing" had fallen under his bed, the CNA had walked out of his room with his empty food tray and Ernie had no way of getting anyone's attention. He said he thought if he had his cell phone with him, he'd call 911 and get the police to call Parkview Medical Center and tell them that there was a patient on 4 Tower in Room 10 that needed a CNA in his room. He made me laugh!

My twin brother is visiting this week from Texas and has had good visits with Dad. And within the week Ernie expects to be transferred from the medical center into a "Skilled Nursing" facility across the street, where he'll continue to get that dreaded "physical therapy". Ernie said it's "over-rated". Again that made me laugh, then he laughed. But there are times when he just wants to be "left alone" and not bothered. He doesn't like the therapy to interrupt his meal time or his resting time (and it doesn't). I reminded him that the absence of physical therapy will send him right onto a "gurney" with residence in a nursing home. That's not what he has planned for the rest of his life! So up he gets when the therapists come into his room. He walks with the wound vac pump mounted onto the front of his walker as the therapist pulls the oxygen tank and somehow hangs onto the padded, wheeled recliner behind them for the 'rest stops' Ernie needs along the way. It's quite a sight. I took my camera tonight when I visited my Dad, but the batteries were dead. Wouldn't you know it.

Physical therapy might be over-rated, but it's still essential and it's going to be part of Ernie's life for the rest of his days!


Bill West said...

Hi Becky,
Glad to hear Ernie is making progress. Tell him that the PT is
pain in the butt, but if it gets him out of there sooner, it's worth it!

Harriet said...

Thanks for the update on your Dad's progress.I'll continue to pray for his full recovery. Tell him to be careful in PT sometimes they forget the age of the person they are working on and push too much.

GrannyPam said...

Glad to hear Ernie is up and about. Also good to hear he's getting a laugh or two out of it, that's good medicine, too.
Continued prayers... and also for you, Becky.

Physical Therapy Colorado said...

I enjoy reading your post. He is right, sometimes in the early stages a Physical Therapist is a glorified walking partner. A not that exciting but crucial part of recovery.

I wish him a speedy recovery.

Greta Koehl said...

Happy to hear that Ernie is making good progress - humor is great medicine, and the PT will help get him up and out of the hospital.

Cheryle Hoover Davis said...

I could just see Ernie using his cell phone to call 911!!! That made me laugh so hard, visualizing the nurse coming in with a 'look' on his/her face after receiving that call!

It sounds like Ernie is doing very well, and I'm glad to hear it. He'll be home in no time!

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