Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My "Mock" Heart Attack Today---Not April Fools

Note: Ernie's daughter is posting this update from today, but I'm writing it as Dad talked his way through it.

My day started with breakfast at 7:00 a.m. I ate well--a strip of bacon, a boiled egg, and a bowl of cheerios. That was followed by a trip to the "spa", as I call it. Actually it was a shower, but I got the works. Baby oil, hair conditioner, lotion, a jetted tub....the works! By the time I was finished with that I was exhausted and hoping to go to my room for a rest. No deal! Physical Therapy had a different idea and I was taken to the "Gym". The therapist asked me turn a kind of peddling machine with my hands, with tight tension, at a brisk speed, for 15 minutes. Well, I made it for TEN! Then my arms and shoulders gave out, I felt pain in my chest and behind my ears, was short of breath and got very weak. I stopped the workout! I was taken by ambulance to the Emergency Room at the hospital, but by then was free from pain. As the nurses invaded my ER room, I was feeling so much better that I told them it was just a "mock" heart attack, and I put it on to give them a practice run. I was hooked up to all the usual equipment I've grown so accustomed to in these last 2 months. Blood was drawn, X-rays were taken, and I was interviewed by a very nice young doctor.

While the tests were being evaluated, I had a nice visit from my daughter Becky and son-in-law Jamie and my grandson Matt and his wife Lucja. While we visited I ate a good lunch of hamburger, french fries, jello and juice.

He determined that rather than a heart attack, I was suffering from Stable Angina. That's another new term to me! I was delivered back to my room at the "rest home" with new orders for NO MORE THERAPY TODAY!! Hallelujah! The best outcome for me was an order from the doctor for Physical Therapy to reduce the length and intensity of my physical therapy to HALF of what they were doing. I tried to tell them! Now maybe they'll listen.


Debbie said...

Hey, Ernie. Glad you are OK!! I hope you get better every day and will soon be back to blogging. We all miss you!


Bill West said...

You be careful and don't overdo! get better so you can go home and blog more!

Greta Koehl said...

The doctors should definitely listen to you more, Ernie. You just have to be firm with them. We miss you.