Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Elvis" and Ernie at Canon Lodge

As referenced in the previous post, Dennis Thornbery, an Elvis impersonator, entertained the residents at Canon Lodge Care Center during National Nursing Home Week. Elvis was kind enough to be photographed with Ernie Margheim, above.
Update today: Dad and I will be accompanying the Occupational Therapist for Dad's Home Evaluation this morning! This means plans are underway for his discharge from Canon Lodge and his return to living in his own home once again. I expect this to happen by the end of May, but I'll keep you posted on the actual day. As Dad says, "Things are looking up!".
Posted by Ernie's daughter Becky.

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Brenda said...

YEHAAA ... the king is about to head home!! Ernie of course! ;) Brenda