Saturday, June 20, 2009

I Felt Right at Home

Today was a memorable day, as my daughter Becky and I, Ernie, were able to return to Canon Lodge to have supper with our dear friends, Gene Crawford (far right), Ken Wilson (far left) and Jess Price (not pictured). Not surprising, I felt right at home meeting the folks that looked after me during my Rehab weeks. A very wonderful group of Nurses, CNA, therapists, PCC Nursing Trainees and administrators. Their housekeeping, as usual, was spotless.

Becky took this picture of me last Monday before I left Canon Lodge. You'll notice I was sitting in a wheelchair. Today I WALKED everywhere with the aid of my walker. Becky didn't bring her camera today because she was walking by my side every step, watching so I wouldn't fall. I'm getting stronger every day. On Sunday I'm going to leave my wheelchair at home and I'll go to church with my daughter Becky and my son-in-law Jamie. And I'll be WALKING! Then we'll have a nice dinner out to celebrate our Father's Day.

Last year Jamie was working on Father's Day so Becky came to my house for the afternoon so we could discuss our family history. She works a lot on our family's genealogy. I told her quite a lot of stories and went through 2 or 3 photo albums identifying folks from years ago. It was sure fun to reminisce. I was surprised I was able to remember so many names with faces. Becky said she wasn't surprised at all!


GrannyPam said...

You have the best daughter every. I know she is overjoyed to see you walking again.

Janet Iles said...

Have a very special Father's Day with your family. It is great to see the improvements you have made. I am sure your friends at the Lodge were happy to see you again.