Friday, May 22, 2009

Remembering Phyllis On Memorial Day

For many years Memorial Day was known as "Decoration Day". And in that spirit Ernie flooded family gravesites with flowers from his own gardens. There was never a family member or extended family member whose grave went unadorned if they were within driving distance of Great Bend, Kansas!

Pictured above is the grave of Ernie's wife Phyllis Margheim at Christmas, 1997.

"Your family is thinking of you, Mom, on this Memorial Day 2009. We love you and miss you."
Posted by Becky Margheim Jamison

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Elvis" and Ernie at Canon Lodge

As referenced in the previous post, Dennis Thornbery, an Elvis impersonator, entertained the residents at Canon Lodge Care Center during National Nursing Home Week. Elvis was kind enough to be photographed with Ernie Margheim, above.
Update today: Dad and I will be accompanying the Occupational Therapist for Dad's Home Evaluation this morning! This means plans are underway for his discharge from Canon Lodge and his return to living in his own home once again. I expect this to happen by the end of May, but I'll keep you posted on the actual day. As Dad says, "Things are looking up!".
Posted by Ernie's daughter Becky.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

IN PERSON: Ernie is Still Alive

Ta-Da—IN PERSON-Yep, Ernie is still alive. It has been awhile...through three surgeries and I quit counting the number of IVs. My arms look like military camouflage with bruises, etc.

However, through your prayers, I am making tremendous progress. I saw my Pueblo doctor last Friday, and he thought on my next visit in four weeks that he will X-ray my left leg and maybe even remove the boot cast .. LIBERATION!! I’ve had the fiberglass casts from August 1, 2008 until February 27,2009 when I was fitted with a boot cast. The diabetes pressure ulcer on my right leg ankle miraculously progressed in the healing mode to everyone’s surprise. Again thanks to all of you for your prayers.

My rehab therapies in my third and final rehab center (Canon Lodge Care Center) have also progressed surprisingly well. Things are looking up!

Ten months of hospital and rehab stays, I assure you, takes a toll on a person’s patience and temperament. I was convinced that my therapists were intentionally inflicting aches and pains on me, but in reality now I’m convinced that IT HAS WORKED and I am on the verge of going to MY OWN HOME.

Once again I survived! Living in rest homes with all the these patients in their 80s & 90s gives a person a new perspective on life. Observing my surroundings, I realize how blessed I am at age 87 to be able to dress myself, converse rationally, and live like a normal human being. Many of the residents have to be spoon fed, lifted in and out of bed, etc. I certainly remember now to THANK & PRAISE GOD for my own trivial limitations.

OVERALL, my stay is like living in a Hilton Hotel. The food is superb. Lifestyle is like being on vacation. As for entertainment, last week we had Jerry Miller, a retired professional Banjo player (Eddie Peabody caliber) that toured with Frankie Yankovich Polka Band. For another recent program we had a professional Las Vegas caliber ELVIS impersonator. Yesterday, all of the combined nursing and care homes of Canon City had an all-day senior fishing derby at a large lake & park on the banks of the Arkansas River with picnic lunch and cold watermelon.

So, frankly I am enjoying my REHAB. I’m amazed at how far I’ve come in just the past month. My daughter Becky visits me faithfully every day for about two hours. She really brightens up the dinner hour for me and my two dinner-table friends, Gene Crawford, age 93, and Ken Wilson, who’s 83. I may be here a few more weeks. I’ll try to write again real soon and let you all know how I’m doing. Thank you again for your prayers and all the good wishes you’ve sent to me through my daughter Becky!
Here's a picture of my "living quarters". I guess its not exactly the Hilton, but after all, it's only temporary.
Until next time....Thanks for listenin'.