Monday, August 17, 2009

A Surprise Visit From My Niece

I was quite surprised last Saturday evening when my doorbell rang and in walked Stephanie, my niece from Kansas. Stephanie's grandmother was the half-sister of my wife Phyllis, so even thought she's technically a "grand-niece" I still think of Stephanie as my niece. It's been maybe 20 years since I've seen her and had not met her husband or son. They were visiting Canon City to go river rafting and when their day of fun ended, they stopped in for a visit.

It was so good to see them and get caught up on all the family news. Thank you, Stephanie and Todd for taking time to say "HI" to Uncle Ernie!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Enjoying My Birthday Dinner With My Grandson

I had such a good time Thursday evening when I went to dinner with my daughter Becky and her husband Jamie because my grandson Matt and his beautiful wife Lucja were able to join us. This was a small family gathering to celebrate the birthday I had last Saturday when I turned 88 years old. I was really happy to be able to STAND for this picture outside DiRito's Restaurant in Canon City, CO. I've been walking with the help of a walker for several weeks now. In fact, Becky packed the wheelchair away for storage today. She also cleaned off my treadmill and cleaned up my office so I can start using my treadmill as my physical therapist has recommended.
I celebrated my 87th birthday last year in a hospital bed with my leg in a cast and diabetic ulcers on my foot. I'm healed and healthy now and can tell already that my 88th year is going to be a much better year. It was wonderful to start it off with an Italian dinner with my super family. I feel so lucky that my only grandson and his wife live so close to me that we can get together for special times like this!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Maleah's Visit Was This Year's Highlight

On a very happy Saturday in July, my "niece" came to visit me in my home. Here you can see what a beautiful young woman Maleah Dyer has become. She's already out of seems like yesterday when my wife Phyllis and I had those fun Sundays playing with Maleah and her sister Justine in our home in Great Bend, Kansas. I was so happy that Maleah took time to visit with me...she must've been at my house for several hours. We got a lot of "catching up" done. That was the highlight of my year so far!
Today my daughter Becky took me to the doctor who told me I'm doing real good. He's the doctor who did the arterial bypass in my leg last February. I told Becky when I moved to Canon City in 1998 that I thought I was good for at least 2 more decades. After my visit with Dr. Bowman today, I think I'm still good for another decade. On Saturday I'll be celebrating my 88th birthday (on 08/08!)..the first year in my next Decade!
I'm so grateful for all the prayers my friends and family members said on my behalf through this last year of my injuries and illnesses. My improved health just goes to show that God isn't done with me yet!