Friday, July 16, 2010

Bringing You Up-to-Date

My daughter Becky Jamison got an email today from a distant cousin of ours who was inquiring about me since I hadn’t written him for awhile. In the past, besides writing email letters, I’ve had a habit of frequently forwarding emails to many friends, but I found that they were not always welcomed. Hahaha. So I’ve quit doing that. I decided to post my reply to him here on my blog in case other friends and relatives were wondering why I’ve been rather “quiet” lately:

DSCN0106 “Yep,  Ernie is still here. Becky got me a new laptop, but anymore I hardly do any forwarding as most folks find it boring. Most jokes have been around several times. I mostly gab with my connections back in Kansas. And I explore topics on the internet: Einstein, Albert Schweitzer, you name it. My curiosity is varied. So many
topics are covered extensively. I get a good physiology & nutrition education with my medical interests.

I was never hospitalized in my lifetime UNTIL  my July 2008 broken leg not healing with my diabetes. Then followed by months of diabetic-pressure-ulcers healing with triple by-pass surgery relocating  upper thigh blood vessels to lower right leg to partially restore circulation and avoid leg amputation--it was an arduous 17 months with institutionalized (Hospitals & Rest Home Care Centers) rehab therapy etal. My mobility is still limited. It is slow healing and getting my strength back.  My right hip and knee are still weak. My daughter Becky is my faithful caretaker who enables me to live at home and she provides transportation.

PerennialsPhoto My recent excitement has been to establish a 24 feet by 4 feet flower bed set up with 35 perennial plants. (The photo above is NOT my flower bed. I’ll post pictures when my plants are blooming like that, tho!) Fun, fun, fun! I always have enjoyed  getting dirt under my fingernails with horticulture interests.  In Kansas we always had Roses, Dahlias, Peonies & Iris, but this is my first undertaking in PERENNIALS.

In recent times HYBRIDIZE has taken over in many fields.  Flowers were no exception. B_U_T have you noticed all the fuss with CROPS?? "Genetically Modified  Organism" or (GMOs).  Monsanto  Co. and others are trying to set the rules and regulations & TELLING the FDA and other Government Regulatory Agencies how to.  Thus some of these so called ORGANIC FOODS interests challenge FDA etc findings and already REVERSING some regulars. It is a Pandora’s box. Monsanto naturally maintains patents and their main objective naturally REMAINS PROFIT!! Several European nations already have BANNED any GMO grains from entering their nation. You look up GMO on the internet, and ha ha, depends on which side of the argument their interest are, you get conflicting explanations. The prominent view is FEEDING WORLD POPULATION REQUIRES GMO. Otherwise people will starve. Others quote birth defects and allergy to GMOs. It all strikes home with me since I worked two years at Mull Cattle Feed Yards, Pawnee Rock, KS after I completed my 54 year career as Comptroller of a meat packing plant. Naturally -- Bovine Growth Hormones (rbGH or rbST) have been in use since 1996 but some store chains are boycotting their beef AND the MILK ALSO. OHIO is a leading State facing that controversy right now.

Well, to sum it up comes to mind the expression THE BEAT GOES ON !!”

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Debbie Blanton McCoy said...

Ernie, it's good to see you posting again!