Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Just Wanted to Check the Spelling

Taj Mahal

I got an email from a friend that made men I wanted to look it up on the internet to learn more about it, but I wasn’t sure of the correct spelling. I did find it on the internet, and WOW, the Internet has a lot of articles on it. Most are LONG, as it was built in 1631 and thru the years, rulers wanted to tear it down to sell the marble, which is the main structure material.

I learned that it gets over 200,000 visitors a year and has extensive gardens  patterned after other nation cultures. If I remember right, it is included with the "7 Wonders Of The World".  I enjoyed reading about it. It is close to a river, so it was elevated with a lot of dirt for the foundation, and when they brought in the blocks of marble to built it, they had a NINE (yes, 9 ) mile approach. Apparently it has several wings etc.  I thought it was a place of worship, nope, some guy built it to bury his wife. (Crazy??) I think it said he had 14 kids. It took 16 years to build and had a bunch of architects hired for the job. Some from different countries to get mixed opinions. Elaborate undertaking. The architects had to sign a contract that they promised NOT to use their combined  ideas for any other structure in the world. It sits on a lot of acres and the various gardens are part of what visitors come to see.

Well, all this is irrelevant, but I found it exciting. All because I wanted to know how to SPELL it.

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