Saturday, December 17, 2011

Getting Ready for Christmas

Last May I spent several weeks in the hospital and in rehab in a nursing home to recover from the effects of deydration. Then in August I accidentally took an overdose of insulin, which landed me in the hospital again, as I fell during that experience and cracked my ribs in 14 places. Somehow I've made a complete recovery, tho I still have issues to deal with, but am feeling better than I have in several months. 

Since I have daily visits from the super volunteers at Meals on Wheels, who bring my lunch Monday through Saturday, I am able to enjoy short visits with people. I live alone and don't drive, and that can get to be a lonely experience. My daughter Becky comes to my house to visit and help me with "chores" several times a week. And her husband Jamie stops by to do occasional repairs. This week Becky took me out on Tuesday morning to an appointment with my foot doctor. Then we went to the eye doctor where I got my glasses straightened, repaired and cleaned. After that she took me to get a (she said a badly-needed) haircut. Well, you hate to get all dressed up with nowhere to go! So after all those appointments, we went to lunch! It was a lot of fun...being out and about and visiting. We even saw Christmas lights in the daytime. 

I'll be getting out next weekend as I go to Becky's house to celebrate Christmas eve with our family. I'll ask her to take pictures and share them here, for all my friends to see. 

As I always say in my emails "Thanks for listenin'"!


Carol said...

Merry Christmas Ernie, may it be filled with good eats, family and the true meaning of the day. Bless you.

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

I love listening to you, Ernie. Marry Christmas to you!